Community transformation through the presence, power, and message of Jesus.

Our Pastors

Micah & Delana Wood, Ramp Church Hamilton

God has warmly invited you into His presence. You no longer have to stay on the outside looking in. Through Jesus, you step into a family where you feel at home. We also want to extend a warm invitation. At Ramp Church Hamilton, you’ll find a community committed to one another and to God. You will meet brothers and sisters who will pursue God alongside you. You’ll discover God doing extraordinary things in you and through you. Let’s run together, and see what God does.



Join us each Sunday night at 6:00!

Each week, we host a regional service based upon a passionate pursuit of God’s presence. We no longer host a Sunday morning Ramp Church service in order to harness our focus upon the Sunday nights. The local Ramp community in Hamilton continues to grow together in prayer, discipleship, and fellowship through daily prayer meetings and Wednesday night activities, but those activities are not live-streamed or advertised publicly. If you’re in the region, join us on Sunday nights for this all-out pursuit of God’s presence. Let’s run together!