Community transformation through the presence, power, and message of Jesus.


times | Sundays at 10:30AM &
Wednesdays at 6:30PM
location | 340 Bexar Avenue East, Hamilton, Alabama 35570

Nursery and children’s church available each service. Youth services available Wednesdays.


Our Pastors

Micah & Delana Wood, Ramp Church Hamilton

God has warmly invited you into His presence. You no longer have to stay on the outside looking in. Through Jesus, you step into a family where you feel at home. We also want to extend a warm invitation. At Ramp Church Hamilton, you’ll find a community committed to one another and to God. You will meet brothers and sisters who will pursue God alongside you. You’ll discover God doing extraordinary things in you and through you. Let’s run together, and see what God does.





The overarching mission of the Ramp is global awakening. By “awakening,” we mean that encounter in the presence of God where everything changes. Suddenly, God is real to the human heart. When God is real, transformation happens at every level of your life. Jesus is no longer limited to religious stereotypes. He is alive, and He changes everything. The result is passionate disciples of Jesus who want to see others awakened, too.

Ramp Church is the local and regional expression of the Ramp. We launch a Ramp Church in the cities God calls us to live in and love. While God’s ultimate desire is global transformation, He fulfils this desire one community at a time. The mission of Ramp Church is community transformation through the presence, power, and message of Jesus.